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Used Camping Gear

In the article on cheap camping gear I had mentioned renting out or buying second-hand or used camping gear as an alternative for buying costly camping equipment. Well, let’s try and find out more about finding and using used camping gear and the pros and cons of investing in them as compared to brand new ones.

The first point in favor of buying used camping gear is the obvious cost factor. It is highly possible that you might find for yourself some really good quality camping gear at nearly half the cost of the new camping gear that you will find in the popular shops. There are many who pay top dollars to get high quality camping equipment and then finally end up selling them off after having used them just once or sometimes twice.

Another advantage of buying making use of used camping gear is that you can sometimes buy all the relevant gear you want together as a package. The previous owner will most probably be selling off all of the equipment he took for his camping trip and you can buy them all at once without the need for picking and choosing your camping gear. This is especially well suited for those who are new to the idea of camping outdoor and are clueless about what they will need.

Like everything else, investing in used camping gear has its downsides too. You have no guaranteed unlike those you have when you buy from a big shop. The seller might be trying you rip you off by selling damaged equipment well hidden by subsequent repair. Caution is of utmost importance when you are buying used camping equipment; especially so when you are buying camping equipment from strangers you meet on online auction sites or through local ad listings.

Apart from buying used camping gear, if you know someone who isn’t using his camping gear well, there is also the option of just borrowing stuff from them! In that case though, you might want to be careful with your camping gear. In case you end up damaging them, you might have to bear the full costs of buying the original owner new gear which might turn out to be costlier than just buying them from your local shop!

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