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Homemade Camping Gear

While the importance of good sturdy camping gear that won’t give way in the midst of a camping trip and make life hell for you can’t be stressed enough, it is also an exciting challenge to your creativity to make homemade camping gear yourself with materials easily available around you. The advantage of homemade camping gear is that you get to design your own camping according to what you are comfortable while also having the satisfaction of using something that you made with your own hands. Besides, making your own homemade camping gear can work out to be much much cheaper than buying them at your local store.

The most basic necessities for camping that are the tents, sleeping bags, rain coats etc. can all be easily prepared at home. A simple sleeping bag can be made by just folding a comforter lengthwise and sewing a zipper to the ends. You could also sew in a small pocket which you can fill with your clothes and other soft things to be used as a pillow! Using waterproof material will enable your sleeping bag to e even used as rain coat if required! Cool huh?!

As for the tent, you could use easily available waterproof tarps and all the other material such as sticks to hold the fabric stiff, ropes to tie the tent, short posts etc. There are lots of ideas available on the internet and elsewhere to set up your own homemade tent in a matter of a few hours. The simplest tent can be made by just laying a tarpaulin on the ground and lifting the front edge up with two short posts fixed sturdily into the ground and another post in the middle of the front edge. Using sturdy ropes to tie up everything together will keep your rough yet homely tent up come rain or shine.

Making homemade camping gear is easy and fun and can be a test of your innovative ideas. But then, go for it only if you know exactly what to do. If not, research and find out. Experiments will fail but you need to keep innovating. Some people will love doing that. If you don’t, then don’t trouble yourself. Readily available camping gear is always there as an option.

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